Leatherstockings ないあなたの平均キツネ。
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My name is Mio. 19. Male. Japanese Brit. Capricorn.
Main loves - yaoi, roleplay, gaming, cooking ☆

It would be a step too far to say I was an author, because I can never make it past a few pages of writing - I will however admit that I am an avid writer when an idea grasps me. Photography is also a passion of mine, whenever I get the time to do it.

Food - Anything cheese and onion
Drink - Apple juice/Pepsi Max
Animal - Fox
Person - Becca ♥

I live in the quiet part of the country in Britain, but aspire to move to the north to go to University and study games design and or literature. If you want to know anything else, just ask me.(´>ω<`)

This blog may be littered with yaoi smut. ❥
Dear followers ♥

Lately I have had some trouble securing a home.
Due to reasons I don`t really want to publicly disclose, I don`t live at home. For now I have been living with my Nana, but that stay has come to an end.

Having no other family to live with, and no friends to live with, I may soon find myself actually homeless, or living in a hostel.

At that expense, I wont be able to upload any yaoi for you.
If my tumblr goes blank for a while, it just means I haven`t found a place to settle.
I will tell you all when I get back though, which I hope is very soon. 

I hope you understand that this is a very troublesome time for me, if you un-follow because of lack of content, I understand. I really hope you don`t but I wont begrudge you, I`ve been pretty bad with uploads but that`s because my home life is actually wrecked. I`m sorry.

I loves you Followers, you`re such awesome guys.
I`ll miss you! 

Anonymous said:
how did you meet your best friend?

I met my best friend roleplaying on bebo xD
I still do roleplay on bebo - COZ I`M HARDCORE HNNNGH. 

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay thank you so so much!
70th follower! (´;ω ;`) 

How it goes down and HB HQ.

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Eeeeeeee thank you so much! ( ^////// ^ )

Love has no gender. :3

Sora x Riku


When I lose I follower I`m like

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